rfrnc.me FAQs

Why would I (a candidate) choose to sign up?

The market place for the best jobs is highly competitive and the margins between candidates are increasingly slim. A candidate who opts to use rfrnc.me is providing an employer not just with additional information that is not part of the standard recruitment process, but with the assurance that they are an ambitious and motivated candidate who is open to scrutiny.

Moreover, a candidate can also open up their information to a (potential) employer at any stage of the recruitment process – e.g. for a speculative application. Why not jump the queue?

Why would I (an employer) choose to sign up?

rfrnc.me has two significant benefits for an organisation. Firstly, it provides recruiting organisations with a depth and breadth of information about a candidate that they wouldn’t otherwise obtain through the standard referencing process. Secondly, it automates the process of requesting references from former employers, allowing both the employer and candidate to track the progress of an application. If employers choose they can even provide the formal offer letter and contract through the system.

Doesn’t this already exist?

No. There are many companies that offer candidate screening services, but these are employer rather than candidate driven – i.e. a reactive rather than proactive approach to reference management. Moreover, using these services takes time, is costly and has its limitations.

There are some platforms that will hold ‘banks’ of references for candidates, but these use very limited HR-sourced data only (e.g. employment dates, job titles, periods of sickness) and hence provide a fraction of the information compared to rfrnc.me.

How does rfrnc.me work for the candidate?

Simple. A user opens an account and at any point requests a referee to appraise them. Different reference templates are available depending on the relationship between the user and the referee. Over time you will create a permanent portfolio of references that tells your work story and improves your employability.

Via their account the user can send an automated email invitation to any relevant employer or agency to allow access to some or all of their references.

How does rfrnc.me work for the employer?

An employer may either receive an invitation to access references from an existing user or choose to open up its own account in order to request, store and manage its candidate references.

Registration is free and fast. Once registered, the employer can use the account for managing the references of as many of its candidates as it likes. The employer account has a range of optional functionalities such as selecting the number and type of references required for a candidate, setting due dates for reference submissions, creating notifications for tracking submissions etc.

Who can rfrnc.me?

Anyone. The referee does not have to be your line manager or HR manager, but could be anyone within your organisation who can provide useful information on your performance, approach, attitude etc. Moreover, references do not just have to be at the end of period of employment, but can be requested / provided at any point.

References can also come from non-work contacts who can provide meaningful information to build up your personal profile. For example, you may request a reference from the person you heroically resuscitated on the street – such feedback may tell an employer much about who you are!

Is my information protected?

Yes. rfrnc.me has strict data protection procedures to ensure that your personal information is kept safe.

How much does it cost?

For a candidate a basic user account is free to open and allows storage and sharing of unlimited references.

For an employer there is a variety of cost structures based on the usage level and hence that the product can work for any company, whatever size and shape. One-time access is costed at £150, ten credits is £700, and unlimited usage is £1,750.

What if I’m not based in the UK?

No problem whatsoever. Whether you’re a candidate or employer, rfrnc.me will work for you anywhere in the world.

I have a recruiter account can I also be a candidate?

Yes just email our technical team who will set you up.

I have a candidate account can I also be a recruiter?

Yes just email our technical team who will set you up.